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    Root Canals

    A root canal is one of the most common dental procedures. This is usually required if the center of the tooth becomes infected and needs to be cleaned.

    Dental Crown (Cap)

    A dental crown is a permanent tooth covering usually when the tooth is chipped or broken. Your tooth will be reshaped and then the dentist will create a mold for the tooth.

    Dental Fillings

    Dental filling is one of the most performed procedure in dentistry. This is often done after damage has been found but can be stopped in its tracks.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Dentists

    What does a Dentist do?

    Dentists treat a wide range of problems with teeth and gums. Some of these dental problems include cavities, tooth decay and tooth aches. Some of the procedures performed by dentists are crowns,  implants, root canals, and dentures.

    How long do Dental appointments last?

    Each patient will require unique time to diagnose or treat. On average, a new patient will require about 30 minutes with the doctor.

    Do i need to pay a co-pay at the dentist?

    Co-pays are usually dependent on your insurance. Please check with your dental insurance provider for co pay specific and coverage.

    Do i need Dental Insurance?

    If you want to ensure less out of pocket costs, Dental insurance is a vital option to consider. Dental insurance is not normally included with Health insurance and will often be a separate coverage you must purchase.

    What are the different types of dentists?

    Dentists often will complete 4 years of schooling but to specialize in a specific type of dentistry will take additional time. Dental specialties include Periodontists, Orthodontists, Pediatric, and  Maxillofacial surgeons.

    How many treatments will it take to solve my dental issue?

    Dentists work in a highly specialized field where every decision they make can have permanent and lasting consequences. Every patient will require different amount of time and treatment.

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